On the walls: The Old Try

While the geographic placement of Maryland (Well, and the Civil War, but let’s not go there) lends itself to debate over whether it is, in fact, “southern,” the state of Virginia has no such issue. Having spent four years at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, I developed a serious love for southern food, music and culture. After buying my first pair of boots as a first year, I knew there was no turning back. While Maryland still remains culturally confused and Texas is most certainly “the West,” I still consider “southern” to be a state of mind, not necessarily a place of being. When I stumbled on The Old Try during my internet travels, I couldn’t have been more excited about their artwork or their message. The owners are displaced southerners, living in Boston and making some of the coolest prints I’ve seen in a long time. Whether you’re looking for North Carolina pride, a little “Roll Tide” or just some general Southern love, you’ll find it in their shop. The prints have bold, vintage typeface and rich colors that look great in any room of the house. I couldn’t wait when I saw they were planning to show us UVa folks some love with a “Wahoowa” print. Unsurprisingly, it does not disappoint:


One of the best parts of this duo (besides their love of a good bourbon) is that their southern love extends past their artwork. I received a hand-written thank you note with my order, which truly embodies the southern way of thinking. Not only that, but they often take recommendations for new prints and products from their Facebook and Twitter accounts (I’m pretty sure that how the District achieved this awesome print). And, as if it couldn’t get any better, recently the Old Try started making t-shirts for different regions of the south. I still can’t decide between the Blue Ridge or the Old Line State (Since, after all, I am a true Maryland girl).

Old Line


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